Account Manager

by Stijn Depré   -   6 months ago


The Account Manager is a position focused on managing key clients, delighting them with sound insights and providing innovative solutions.

Working closely with the team Director to drive business opportunities through sales/marketing and proposal writing, leading team pitches and ensuring Haystack initiatives are implemented. Both strategic and operational focus.

With extensive industry and in-depth quant research experience, there will be a day to day focus on imparting knowledge, coaching colleagues and managing innovation research solutions.


Core skills

Client Relationship Management

  • Builds and develops strong relationships with clients. Possesses an in-depth interest in innovation, brands, advertising, the client’s business and relevant industry trends/issues impacting the client’s business
  • Builds and fosters client relationships between and outside of current projects and can sell in additional work
  • Superior level of verbal and written communication skills
  • Is able to talk to clients about what Haystack can offer (not just their own discipline) and can tailor this to the client’s needs
  • Consistently manages client expectations and produces repeat business
  • Questions own style and explores a variety of angles and themes/ideas. Ability to work in a creative way.
  • Writes pithy, relevant and actionable summaries, conclusions and implications that give the client strategic advice on where to go next
  • Contributes to the business at a high level, thinking not only about the research projects but how to better run a successful business to deliver sustainable revenue, exceptional culture and effective operations

New Business Development

  • Responds to new business enquiries from existing and potential clients
  • Seeks outside opportunities to drive new business and can cross-sell products to existing clients
  • Puts together credentials and leads the meeting
  • Contributes well to pitches

Research & Project Management

  • Oversees the entire research process for the client to ensure project success from commercial approach, quality, research methodologies, time and budget management and innovative deliverables for the client
  • Tailors approaches for each client to create the most effective design (online / offline, qual / quant) for innovation (concept & product), shopper, pack, brand and communications research
  • Focus on quant projects, but is sufficiently familiar with qual approaches to lead client discussions and answer questions
  • Leads the client project team, providing coaching, suggestions and guidance
  • Works independently and oversees the entire project, with excellent time management skills– ensuring team communicates effectively during all stages of the market research process
  • Leads the client project team, providing coaching, suggestions and guidance Professional and inspiring communicator with suppliers, colleagues and clients
  • Expert at story telling – consistently provides creative and imaginative ways to deliver insights, able to bring in learnings from the wider context to contribute to the results
  • Continually looks outside the square and brings new initiatives to the team

Development of Team Members

  • Manages team workload and workflow – point of contact to ensure connectedness across business
  • Motivates and nurtures team through support and guidance/coaching
  • Stretches the team’s train of thought
  • Develops team capabilities and skills through coaching
  • Provides input to Performance Reviews to team Director and gives ongoing constructive feedback creating high performance team culture. Gives feedback to team members throughout entire project  – the good and not so good
  • Creates and manages opportunities to maintain or strengthen the company’s culture (training and shared learning opportunities, marketing opportunities, social events, initiatives)


  • Continually striving to achieve and seek new and better ways to do things
  • Curious and questioning
  • Inspiring and goal driven with a creative mind
  • Proactive and flourishes in a dynamic environment – our end goal may stay the same however the path to get there will invariably change
  • Happy to meet a challenge and also prepared to do the grunt work
  • Passion for research
  • Positive, can-do attitude, takes responsibility and willing to give it a go
  • Good under pressure
  • Personal pride and ambition with a fab sense of humour
  • A genuinely caring person – we are a close bunch with passion and drive

What can we offer

  • A competitive salary pack
  • Being part of a talented and ambitious team, with a passion for research
  • A fresh-eyed and growing company where entrepreneurship is encouraged
  • Challenging projects for an international client base seeking added value
  • Customised training plans and exciting career opportunities
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