Since 1980 several companies worked together to further develop the market research sector in Belgium. This was done under the umbrella of the Febelmar- and BAQMaR association. These associations recently merged together into a new organization, so called Cube, which combines the best of both worlds. The founders of Cube are the previous dedicated members of Febelmar and BAQMaR who want to stay engaged.



As Cube is not only for market research companies, it also wants to involve other companies with a passion for consumer understanding (e.g. marketing, sales, consultancy, technology etc.). As a friend you will not only get earlier access to events, you will also get the privilege to sponsor these. This implies increasing awareness of your brand to people who are not only active in your sector but share the same interest. Furthermore, it will be possible to upload content or participate in blogs which makes it easier to present your services. Looking for colleagues? Upload your vacancies right away on the Cube website.

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