European Muslim food report

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European Muslim food report

Who hasn’t  read trend reports about food, travel, lifestyle, fashion,..? Those reports write about the trends within the Western culture and its consumers..  About the ‘classical’ key moments, about our Western food habits and how it evolves over time.. Indeed, brands need to keep abreast of those trends in order to fill in the needs that are coupled with the trends.. However, we from TIQAH, have been wondering about the trends of one important group of European consumers that is often forgotten: the European Muslim. A young, active and consuming group of which less is known.. It’s a group that is growing in importance and in numbers.. A group that offers so much potential for our economy and our future.. But still, until yesterday a group that used to be unnoticed.. Because of a lack of information or because of -negative- perceptions.. And that’s were we wanted to make the difference by writing a trend report about this specific target group.. We strongly believe that we can wipe out the negative perceptions and that we can offer tools to connect with these consumers..

We are so proud and delighted to announce this first European Muslim food report were we share insights that we’ve gathered over the years..

On April 30th we will launch the report during in inspirational afternoon in Antwerp.. If you want to attend this event, please send an e-mail to Preview Food Report TIQAH

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