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Topic: Hyper-personalization versus segmentation: the impact of big data on customer segmentation. 

Date: Thursday 13/12/2018

Location: Grote Steenweg 110, 2600 Berchem (Ipsos Office)

Entrance: FREE, only 25 spots available.

Hour: 6.30 PM- 9.30 PM


Cube presents its first Pop-Up Deep dive, a small get together (+/- 25 people) where we deep-dive into a specific topic. Every deep-dive will be guided by opinion leaders who will share their expertise and experiences with you.

In our first pop-up Deep dive we will talk about the impact of big data on customer segmentation. The concept of segmentation is undergoing a massive transformation. New technologies have enabled companies to collect and analyze data at a larger scale to identify and characterize specific individuals. Today, companies can directly get in touch with a specific customer and offer him / her a hyper-personalized and hyper-contextualized product/service experience. It seems that Hyper-personalization has become the outcome of segmentation techniques. It reflects a paradigm shift in the field of marketing, which was previously product centric, but has now become more customer-centric.

However, due to the rise of hyper-personalization, traditional segmentation techniques are perceived as not effective enough to enable organizations to offer personalized solutions at a time when big data has been enabling them to know and understand their customers individually and fulfill expectations in a personalize manner. This raises the question: “what’s the benefit of continuing customer segmentation in a traditional way when technology has paved the way for individual targeting and hyper personalization of customer experiences and offering?”.

The goal of Cube’s first Pop-up deep dive is to tackle this question and give companies a better understanding of the relevance of hyper-personalization and its challenges and limitations.

Questions that will be answered during this masterclass:

  • How to fulfill the customer’s demand for individual and unique recognition and receiving personalized attention as well as customized offerings?
  • How to refine a company’s targeting strategy to optimize their marketing and communication investments?
  • How to cope with the ethical and legal limitations with respect to the use of personal data?


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How to get there?

By car:

If you are lucky you can park your car on the streets. If not, there is also a parking available in the neighborhood ‘Buurtparking vijfhoek’

Adres: Frans van Hombeeckplein 14, 2600 Antwerpen

By foot from Station Antwerpen – Berchem

By Public transport from Station Antwerpen – Berchem



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