Who we are

Cube is the connected hub for like-minded people with a passion for consumer understanding. At Cube we want to bring the voice of the consumer to a higher level by empowering and engaging them inside and outside the organization.

Cube is all about market research but it is not just for market researchers only. Because we, at Cube, will not only focus on data on its own, we will look beyond it and consider customer intelligence as a key instrument to achieve actionable and qualitative insights. Everyone with a passion for consumer understanding can therefore join the Cube network.

“Cube is happy to be a new generation association where meeting and
deepening each other’s interests happens in a smart and casual way.”

What we do

Cube connects and bridges people with diverse backgrounds via events we organize ourselves or in close collaboration with our partners and great people like you. These events offer the possibility to get in touch with diverse people that share the same interest as you.

Our online platform will serve as a meeting and information point where we facilitate and share content. Via this platform, you can share your expertise and passion about consumer understanding and stay up to date with the latest trends.

Our team

Cube was implemented by 8 young professionals from different companies who are determined to challenge the status quo of consumer understanding. Together with the help of Patrick Coucke, Gerd Callewaert (General Manager and President of Febelmar respectively) and Tom De Ruyck (BAQMaR President) they founded Consumer Understanding Belgium.

Kaat Van der Goten
Karolien Smets
Cynthia Jossart
Greta Palma
Dziubi Steenbergen
Jens Vanderseypen
Felix Rumpf
Renier Vanhaerents
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