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Deep Dive – Influencer marketing on the rise
28/03 6.30 pm

Not long before technological advancements, scheduled television was virtually the only mass media consumers had access to and was one of the main platforms marketers used to advertise to the masses. Today, with the creation of the internet and the popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, consumers have unlimited freedom and choice over the content they wish to view. This creates a problem for brands. As their target audience continues to spread out over various forms of media, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach them. That’s why influencer marketing has made its way to the forefront and companies are devoting more time and effort to the tactic than ever before. Instead of looking at companies, consumers are now looking at their favorite individuals, who are building up massive base of followers on different social media platforms. By creating special content with social media influencers, brands can extend their messages while reaching their target audience in a particular way.

In our next Pop-Up Deep Dive we want to tackle this topic and explore how companies are using influencer marketing today and how it will shift in the future. We already have some amazing speakers confirmed, each of them will share some insights based on their own expertise:

1. Lisa Vanhaeren, External communication coordinator @ Delhaize
2. Karolien Olaerts, Founder of Karola’s kitchen and Delhaize ambassador
– How to establish a long-term relationship with your influencers?
– How to measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaign? Which KPI’s are used?
– What makes an influencer succesful?
3. Kim Geerinck, Client service manager media research @ KANTAR
– Influencers are on Fyre!
– Trends in influencer marketing
4. Evelien Meskens, Project manager specialized in influencer marketing @ Ketchum

Hope to see you on March 28th at our second deep dive.
Please keep in mind that places are limited!
Subscribe fast to reserve your seat.

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